Upper Valley Search & Rescue

Yakima County Washington

The following are good operational information sources that can be used in planning a mission, a training exercise, or recreation. Like all information available, the reader is responsible for assigning the weight and credibility it is due.

Here's a good place to keep tabs on the avalanche accidents of north america

The NOAA weather site with probably all credible weather information links. There are links to river flow information as well. The Yakima area is served by NOAA operates a weather Radio repeater site on Uhtanum Ridge. They Broadcast on 162.550 MHz.

This Department of Natural Resource Fire Weather site provides detailed mountain weather that includes winds, humidity, lightning, etc. that could be valuable in planning a mountain search. http://www.wa.gov/dnr/htdocs/rp/wxbrief.html

Pass Road conditions http://traffic.wsdot.wa.gov/sno-info/

US Naval Observatory Astronomical Data. Sun and moon position information. http://aa.usno.navy.mil/AA/

This is a residential directory that is easy to use to locate folks with listed numbers. Our Rescue Command Center staff have had good luck contacting people that the subject may attempt to contact if they reach a phone. With cell phones being carried by more and more people traveling backcountry areas, the calls can come in at any time during the mission. With luck, you will be able to make voice contact and control the subjects actions. Plan what you will say, your communications time is limited by the condition of the subject's cell phone battery.http://altavista.switchboard.com/bin/cgiqa.dll?MG=&MEM=212