Upper Valley Search & Rescue

Yakima County Washington

Mission Statement

Organization Purpose:

A): To provide a pool of unpaid professionals that are trained, knowledgeable, dedicated individuals (including dogs and other animal resources) with necessary equipment to assist the Yakima County Sheriff or others in search, rescue, or other emergency operations.

B): To promote cooperation with other responsible agencies and units involved in search, rescue, and emergency operations.

C): To promote public enjoyment of outdoor recreation through public education in wilderness safety and skills and to conduct a continuing effective public relations and information program.

D): To promote the furtherance of search and rescue as an Art and Science through research, data collection, data assessment, experimentation, development, and sharing.

E): To provide a resource of trained individuals knowledgeable in assorted search and rescue disciplines to maintain a high standard of training within UVSAR and available to the Yakima Search and Rescue Council.

Upper Valley Search and Rescue (UVSAR) is a Nonprofit Corporation registered with the State of Washington Secretary of State.

Registered Agent: Darrell Monroe

Registered Address: 161 E. Livengood Road, Cowiche, WA 98923